Gary recently joined The Redeemed Podcast to share his story. From their site:

Gary Miracle joins The Redeemed Man podcast. Gary Miracle,  a Tampa-area husband and father of four for whom a catastrophic blood infection cost all four of his limbs in early 2020. Yet his first thought upon learning the news wasn’t anger or despair, but rather the wisdom of the Book of Job—”The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.” “I remember thinking that in my life, it was just my taking-away time. I can’t be thankful all my life for the things He’s given me and then be mad at Him for the things He’s taken away,” Miracle says.

Today, armed with a wheelchair and prosthetics, Miracle does everything from household chores to coaching his kids’ sports teams and running two-mile races. And he hopes his story will inspire other people to find hope and healing through Christ. “I just want to preach from the rooftops about God’s grace, how good God is, and how He doesn’t make mistakes.”

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