About a year and a half ago, a local woman reached out to us about providing prosthetic care to baby Jude in Haiti who was born without limbs. We told her if she could get him here, we would help Around the same time, Gary Miracle lost all his limbs and almost his life to a deadly infection. He had been scheduled for a double above the knee amputation, but luckily that was not necessary because a plastic surgeon was able to repair damaged tissue and save his knees. Last week we found out that the woman we were working with to bring Jude from Haiti is married to the plastic surgeon, Dr. Patel, who saved Gary’s legs! Today, the Patel’s arrived at POA with little Jude and his foster mother, Heather, where they reunited with Gary and his family. It was a touching moment when Gary bumped arms with Jude, as Dr. Patel looked on.